One June morning in 1818, on a road south of Berlin, Oriole was sitting on a branch of an elderflower bush, breathing in the sweet scent of its blossoms. "This is without doubt an oriolus oriolus," a male voice exclaimed. Oriole noticed a man with a friendly face, who was watching him with interest. "Sambucus nigra," said the man, smiling broadly. "Its white blossoms will turn into black berries by September." The man introduced himself as Adelbert von Chamisso and told Oriole that his work was concerned with describing and preserving plant specimens. Was Oriole interested in botany, and would he like to join him on one of his excursions?

On the day, Chamisso wore a large green tin, a vasculum, on a leather strap, into which he would carefully place plant varieties. Oriole learned that samples are best stored in these boxes until they can be pressed between sheets of absorbent paper. Once again, Chamisso was pleased to add further finds to his already extensive collection of plant specimens, collected from both near and far.

This object made of silver and felt tells of the encounter Oriole had with Adelbert von Chamisso.

Made of 925 silver, red felt and rubber elastic, satin or woven band.

Limited edition of 3:

A Height 41 mm, diameter at rim 35 mm

B Height 49 mm, diameter at rim 35 mm

C Height 37 mm, diameter at rim 34 mm