The Lord Chamberlain's Men


On 28 December 1594, William Shakespeare and his acting company, The Lord Chamberlain’s Men, were requested to entertain Queen Elizabeth I at Greenwich Palace. To suit the occasion, Shakespeare had chosen a sparkling comedy. Oriole watched the spectacle from a balcony and saw the silhouettes of the audience illuminated by dozens of candles. The Queen, who was wearing a double ruff and pearl earrings, and her guests, too, looked resplendent in their richly decorated attire. Male fashion at the time comprised tight-fitting doublets, padded breeches, and high collars. Performing in such restrictive clothing must be arduous, Oriole thought to himself. After the final curtain, the actors were awaited by a barge, moored on the Thames. Snowflakes were dancing in the air, and a sharp wind blew. Oriole, who had joined the troupe, found warmth and refuge under Shakespeare's cloak and travelled safely with him back to London.

These earrings represent The Lord Chamberlain's Men during their performance at Greenwich Palace.

The length of the earrings is ca. 32mm. The pearls measure ca. 8mm in diameter, the royal blue beads ca. 12mm, the red and light blue beads ca. 11mm.

Make your choice of colours and adornments.