Oriole Designs - Contemporary Swiss Jewellery Design

Unlike other birds, who duly make their way north and south to follow the sun, Oriole is able to travel across entire seas in the beat of a wing, to fly to the moon and back just for fun, and to journey through time whenever curiosity takes hold. Oriole’s adventures have become the stuff of legend. If you are ever lucky enough to stumble upon the enchanting nest of Oriole, you will recognise it by its colourful silken threads and shiny jewels. It is like a tiny treasure box. Instead of the sticks and grass that other birds use to build their nests, Oriole prefers to feather his with small souvenirs from his journeys.

Pairing Swiss craftsmanship with the adventure stories and travel memories of an intrepid little bird, Oriole Designs brings you elegant objects of high quality to enjoy and treasure.