Daisies Pearls


Part of the Oriole jewellery collection, this exquisite necklace is inspired by the works of Truman Capote. Oriole once sat atop a tree in Central Park, watching as the young American excitedly purchased the copy of Mademoiselle magazine in which his first short story had just been published. Seen from his high vantage point, a group of young girls scattering made Oriole think of a snapped thread of beads. Crafted with Swiss expertise, this necklace will, however, withstand the test of time, holding together those gems of inspiration, so crucial to any creative soul.

This unique necklace is made of 750 gold and pearls.

The necklace measures 43cm; the dimensions of the clasp are: hook – 22mm x 8mm, oval ring – 10mm x 7mm; the beads measure ca. 6mm in diameter.

The Oriole collection offers free restringing of all our necklaces should the thread become loose. All you need to cover is the postage.