Cumulus humilis


One day in late summer, Oriole was flying over the north of the Netherlands. He could see endless meadows dotted with grazing cows. He descended to take a closer look at one of the villages with its red-brick houses and ornate gables. The buildings had large windows, which, like the entrance doors, were painted with black lacquer, giving them an elegant appearance. Being used to human dwellings with curtains and fences, Oriole was surprised that these houses showed neither blinds nor gates. He immediately warmed to them.

Later on, Oriole landed in an alley outside the village. It did not take long for the first cyclists, sitting upright in their saddles, to pass him by. He contemplated whether cycling might be something for him, too, but decided to study the fluffy clouds instead. Their brilliant white cauliflower-shaped heads always made him feel cheerful.

All of a sudden, one of the clouds came closer and closer and very gently lifted Oriole up. The wind increased, and the clouds started to move towards one other, gathering in clusters. Oriole, still taken by surprise – but in a most excited and thrilled way – comfortably sat on his cloud. He smiled as the southwesterly wind silently carried the cloud formation away. For once, he did not have to fly himself.

These earrings are made of 925 silver and measure ca. 4 cm in length and 3 cm in height.